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Published Papers

Diversity and Neighbourhood Satisfaction

(with Alan Manning) - The Economic Journal, vol. 129 (2019), pp. 3219–3255.

Bridge Jobs in Europe

(with Giorgio Brunello) - IZA Journal of Labour Policy, vol. 2 (2013), no. 11

Working Papers

Income and the Desire to Migrate (with Alan Manning, LSE) CEP DP here

We focus on understanding the role of both personal and aggregate income in shaping the demand for migration. We use data that is arguably close to reflecting the desires of migrants. Gallup World Poll (GWP) asks people whether they would like to move permanently to another country and, if so, which specific country that is. This will allow us to analyse the impact of income on both the willingness to migrate and on the indication of a preferred destination.

Work in Progress

Spatial and Social Mobility (with Pawel Bukowski

Spatial Returns to Education (with Pawel Bukowski and Guglielmo Ventura

A dip in a bigger pond - access to top universities and academic performance (with Lorenzo Pandolfi and Guglielmo Ventura)

Mentoring and Schooling Choices: Experimental Evidence from Italy (with Michele Giannola, Tullio Jappelli, Roberto Nisticò,  Lorenzo Pandolfi and Valeria Zurla) - Granted the “1st Unicredit Research Grant on Education”

Book Chapters

New Technologies and Evolving Market Structures

(with Valeria Zurla) in Handbook on Labour Markets in Transition Promoting Resilience in a World in Flux. Carcillo, S. and Scarpetta, S. (eds), Edward Elgar Publishing. ISBN 978-1-83910-694-1, forthcoming

Formazione, Capitale Umano e Politiche Pubbliche 

(with Giorgio Brunello) in Evoluzione e Riforma dell'Intervento Pubblico. Scritti in Onore di Gilberto Muraro, Giappicchelli, Torino (2013)

Italian Industrial Districts and the 2008 Recession

(with Giorgio Brunello) In: Agglomeration and Firm Performance. Advances in Spatial Science (The Regional Science Series). Belussi F., Hervas-Oliver JL. (eds), Springer, Cham

Other Works

Law, order ad austerity: Police numbers and crime in the 2010s 

Advantage, The Magazine of CAGE Research Centre, Summer 2020

Who Voted Leave? 

(with Alan Manning) CentrePiece CEPCP 479 (Previous version in LSE British Politics and Policy Blog also reported by Newsweek)

Data we used

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